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Firecon’s expertise is based upon 40 years of local and oversees experience in all aspects of the Fire Protection. We have designed Fire Protection Systems for major Shopping Centre’s, Hotels, Casino’s, Office Complexes and Industrial applications such as for Factories, Warehouses, Power Plants and the Mining industry.Feel free to browse our web-site and do drop us an email with your comments.

We will take care of all your Fire Protection Requirements, from supply to maintenance of all your Fire Protection Equipment.With 40 years of design experience in this field we are Expert Specialists in Design of all types of Fire Protection Systems.

Firecon Fire Protection Consultants was founded back in 1980, when the need arose for an independent Fire Protection Design Office.

Since those days we have designed and specified Fire Protection for all types of Fire Systems:  i.e. Sprinkler Systems, Medium and High Velocity Deluge Systems, Water Drencher Systems, Hydrant and Hosereel Systems, Fire Reservoirs and Pump Stations, Fire Detection and Alarm Systems, Hand Fire Appliances and Fixed Gas and Dry Power Extinguishing Systems.

We have been involved in the Fire Protection Design of most of the Major Casino Complexes in the country and Designed Fire Protection for Hotels, Office Buildings,  Department Stores, Warehouses and Motor Vehicle Parking Facilities.

In addition we designed Fixed Fire Protection for the Aviation ,Automotive and Petro-Chemical Industries.

For the Mining Industry we designed Fixed Deluge Systems for Conveyors, Crushers, Lube-Rooms and Hydraulic Power Packs as well as Deluge Systems for Fuel Tanks, and Transformers.

Since 2003 we have entered the contracting side of the Fire Business and have been involved in a number of large mining and commercial projects.

We look forward in assisting our clients with our vast expertise that we have build-up over the years, to build a safer and better environment for all.

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